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Everybody, Everywhere, Needs Somebody, Sometimes!

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Everybody, everywhere, no matter what his situation,

Has moments of deep loneliness and quiet desperation.

For this lost and lonely feeling is inherent in mankind.

It is just the Spirit speaking as God tries again to find

An opening in the worldly wall man builds against God's touch,

For he feels so self-sufficient that he does not need God much.

So he vainly goes on struggling to find some explanation

For these disturbing, lonely moods of inner isolation.

But the answer keeps eluding him for in his selfish, finite mind,

He does not even recognize that he cannot ever find

The reason for life's emptiness unless he learns to share

The problems and the burdens that surround him everywhere.

But when his eyes are opened and he looks with love at others,

He begins to see not strangers but understanding brothers.

So open up your hardened hearts and let God enter in,

He only wants to help you a new life to begin.

For every day's a good day to lose yourself in others

And any time a good time to see mankind as brothers,

And this can only happen when you realize it's true

That everyone needs someone and that someone is you!

~Helen Steiner Rice~

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