On this gloomy and rainy day

I thought that I would bake

  I had nothing planned so perhaps

I could make some cookies or a cake.


I checked to make sure

That I had all that I would need

My first plan was for cookies

And I found a recipe I could read

I made some oatmeal cookies

And I thought I had every thing down pat

But when I removed them from the oven

They were hard and really flat.


So I decide to make some bread

My bread maker I used a lot

But the bread just would not rise

Dough was all I got


Now I decided to try some fudge

This I was sure I could do, I think

 I boiled and stirred, stirred and boiled

Then used it for a chocolate drink


I was going to try for an apple pie

But thank goodness two apples was all I had

Now I'm usually a happy go-lucky person


But today, I'm not only sad, I'M MAD.

                            Rosie 1/2/04  


Author: ©Rosie Mino  (used by permission)

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