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This page is my tribute to my very special and precious friend, Janette, who has brought so much love, peace and laughter to my life. She is my shinning star, with a heart of gold, a spirit of love and compassion. Her web pages and graphics always bring me at peace with my spirit.

And to you my precious friend Janette, thank you all you have done to get this site to be a beautiful peaceful place that so many people enjoy. And for many hours,days' ane weeks of thoughts and labor that you have put into my site to custom build backgrounds and web pages, and to fix all my mess ups. And thank you for always taking time to answer all my questions of how to do this... and how to make this page do that... And for teaching me, grooming me, encouraging me and being my mentor. You've been a GREAT teacher and a wonderful friend. I have grown so close to you in my heart over the last 5 years. Can you believe it has been that long? But then again.. it seems as if I have known you forever. And thank you for helping me stay close to God in your ministries, in your encouragement, in your christian attitude and your labors of love. I love you my friend and You will forever be known to people for the love you give! *Sheryl

This is a picture of my Janette. I didn't know her outer beauty when my heart connected with hers, but she is equally beautiful on the inside and out!

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