Yes, I can hear their whispers
They think that I'm antique
Well I don't care what they say
I know that I'm unique!

Antiques are hard to come by
So please just have a look
           Take your time and look around
          I know that you'll ALL get hooked

Keep those eyes right on the prize
Yes you know that would be me
Of course you know without a doubt
What A cool Granny I must be

I can tell you stories
They'd make your hair just rise
Got good secrets I want to tell
But know that's just not too wise

Well don't you ever count me out
I'm chipper bright and gay
Wanna' have fun.. let's go I say
I'm ridin' my Harley today

Yes, I still hear their whispers
I see the stares I get
I hear them say that "Granny Rocks"
I just say "You Bet"

Revision of original poem by Francine Pucillo

All Rights Reserved  1999-2012      

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