Especially On Sunday


I thought of my Mama today,
In my mind I saw her face.
I think of her especially on Sunday,
And long for her sweet embrace.


I have her Bible before me,
The one she read so much.
So many days of grief and sorrow,
When God's hand did touch.


Many memories flood my mind,
As I dwell upon the past.
She walked each day with Jesus,
And blessings He did cast.


I wish somehow that she might know,
Her precious Bible I love.
With the special little ribbons,
That bookmark verses from above.


I feel my Mama too as I read,
Sometimes wonder if she helps guide.
To verses she once selected,
So I'll feel her by my side.


Oh Yes, Sunday is a special day,
You can feel love in the air.
I know our Father lingers near,
As I feel him everywhere.



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