Of All The Jobs There Are Out There

You drive a bus they say?
Yes, I do it for the children every day.
Why, with all the jobs there are?
Well, quite frankly, for me it's the best by far!

How can I explain it to you?
I guess the truth will have to do!
It won't be easy, but I'll try
To explain the reasons why.


You see these children are incredible to me,
even though you find that hard to see.
Each one is an blessing to my day,
in a unique and special way.

Personalities as different as they can be
but they need attention, just like you and me.
Some come with smiles, some with frowns,
some with anger and some act just like clowns!


Being a bus driver is almost like being a Teacher, A Mom or Dad.
Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes sad, sure I can even get mad.
We've reached their stop, a smile and wave and they're on their way.
Anxious to share at home what happened in their world today.

I love being a small part of their life day in and day out,
my job is about them no doubt!
It's a pleasure for me to see them all,
the big, the small, the short and tall.


Their ages span the years,
kindergarten to 12th grade to be clear.
Every child, my child, each one very dear.
My life is more complete having them near.

Have you ever had a child tell you they love you or give you a hug
because you made them feel special, safe and snug?
Well then, now you understand why I drive that bus,
it's for the children, for me, it's all about "us".

Revision of poem by Nancy McCaffrey


Made with love 2007~~İHidden Treasures Of Colorado