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Rumors...Your Secret is SAFE with me!

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As time does pass, and all thru the year

I find it amazing, some stories I hear

Rumors hurt many, and not just a few

These stories of fiction, not actually true

Each time they are told, little facts seem to change

But I guess that is normal, it's not really strange

They are stories of passion, and stories of lust

They are stories of others, and of who not to trust

They are told with abandon, to those we call friend

With no regard ever given, to the results in the end

For just a small fact, we build a story quite grand

Reputations are ruined, even though it's not planned

None are immune, to these stories that spread

It's not always fact, just because it's been said

But we need to type something, so why not have fun

And tell stories of others, and of what they have done?

The answer is simple, and here is your clue

The Next Rumor You Hear...

Could be..About..YOU!

Zowie... Think about that one!

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