I planted a rose bush under my window

Beside another that I have there

I planted this bush at the beginning of the year

Then fed it, watered it, and gave it loving care.


As I weeded around it I talked to this bush

"Please don't scratch me with your thorns", I said

"Give me some lovely buds that open wide,

And very soon let me see your roses of red.


I watched each day as the buds began to sprout

I could sense they wanted to bloom

Little by little they spread their petals

As I sat and watched them from my room.

I opened my window and I could smell

The beautiful sweet aroma they sent my way

I thanked God for creating this bush

And for my roses I will continually pray.

Rosie 1/14/04    

Author: Rose Mino

Midi: The Rose  Accompaniment: Grace Williamson


İDaniel Hahlbohm entitled GIFTS FROM ABOVE
and used with his permission

All Rights Reserved 1999-2006 İHidden Treasures Of Colorado  ~Sheryl McMillan