Macho Men

Arm with tattoo - Click image to download.

Oh, those macho men of movie fame

I wonder how they got their names.

You know the ones I’m talking about,

The ones who carry so much clout

They can lick an army all by their self,

The ones we idolize and put on a shelf.

There’s Arnie and Chuck and Sly,

Oh, and Bruce, we must not him pass by.

I think if we took just those four

We’d not worry about war anymore.

Just give them an OOZY and let them aim,

They’d get old Ben Laden and Hussein.

Then we’d have something to idolize them for,

They’d put an end to the Terror War.

The world would once again be at peace

And Hollywood would have another film to release.

Then all the ones who THINK they have clout,

Wouldn’t have anything to holler about.

©Lora Cox 

My son informed me the gun is an UZI

And I misspelled it by using OOZY.

Well, what do I know about a gun?

I'm just an old woman having fun.

So, I hope you'll pardon my mistake

But I don't think I'll do a retake.

Whether UZI, OOZY or OOZIE, to me it's the same

As long as it's UZED on Ben Laden and Hussein.

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