Life On Earth


Life here on earth is a challenge each day

We really donít know how long we can stay


We donít know what each day will bring

If we ask, the Lord will help us to do the right thing


We spend our youth wondering how each day will be spent

In our senior years we wonder where those days went.


We can put off until tomorrow, weíve plenty of time

Never realizing the many tomorrows we left behind.


Life is a blessing if you let it be

Itís a gift from God to you and me


Open your ears to hear the sounds around you

Open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds you


I think now of the tragic event

On 9/11 when many to Heaven were sent.


They left their families that day

Never to return, for them I pray.


They never knew this was their last day

Iím sure the Lord was with them as they prayed.


So, each day when you retire or rise

Thank God that this day youíre alive


Rosie 9/11/04

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