Each year we're changing
But really who cares
Hair has gotten thinner
Perms help us there

Knees are so painful
But never you mind
Feet have gotten bigger
Those boxes are fine

Nose is now longer
Just like Mother said
It seems we can see it
When looking ahead

Figure is gone now
We have a few lumps
Don't have to worry
We'll never be frumps

Teeth sure to dazzle
They're perfectly white
Cost a few thousand
They come at night

Everything is sagging
Our rumbs jiggle too
We're such an inspiration
What can you do?

Kicking our heels up
A little too fast
Knock ourselves out
Another new cast

Still we're delighted
Life is a blast
Happy to wake up
Let's make it last.

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~© Francine Pucillo ~

Performed by 
Margi Harrell