Heaven's Special Star


A child is born on their special day

Another blessing from God above

We count their toes, we count their fingers

We let them know they have all our love.


We do not know our span of life

Or how long we can hold loved ones near

God takes us when he wants us

And our sorrows fill our eyes with tears.


God took Allie for a special reason

This reason only God will know

Allie held a pureness, a special glow

Through her, our love for God will grow.


When you look up at the sky at night

Iím sure there will be a special star

Twinkling and blinking ever so happily

Saying, ĒGrieve not, Iím not too far.Ē


Rosie 9/15/04

Written by ©Rose Mino for the family of baby Allie







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©2006 Hidden Treasures of Colorado