It's Great To Be A Dog!

If food falls off the table and onto the floor, It's mine!

If you leave food unattended and I can reach it, bounce it off, or drag it, It's mine!

If watching your favorite movie and you lay down that sandwich for a second, it's mine!

If you lay meat out to thaw while you're away and I can snatch it, it's mine!

If you leave your warm comfortable chair for a minute, it's mine!

If you leave your comfy side of the bed to go to the bathroom, it's mine!

If you leave your drink unattended and my tounge will fit in it, it's mine!

If you leave a box of chocolates within my reach and I can chew open the package, it's mine!

If the mail man gets his fanny too close to my fence, it's  mine!

Ahhhh, It's great to be a dog!

Author: Sheryl McMillan 5/04

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