Art is copyright Tom Sierak  Used with permission. 


 There is one thing I'd like to say

To the young and in their prime.

Forgetful days will come to you

In each life there comes a time.

I write notes to remind me

Of things that I must do.

By the time I find where I put them..

It's too late to do what I should do!

I cannot find my coffee cup

Where did I set it down?

When I open the fridge for a snack..

It's my coffee cup I found!

I write a list for food to buy

When to the store I must roam.

But when I start to do the shopping

The food list is left at home.

I wonder sometimes when I leave the house

With some clothes I put in a sack.

Am I leaving to go stay with someone?

Or am I just coming back?

My grandchildren ask ,"Grandma, what did you do

When you were young and in your prime?

Did you stay out late? Did you misbehave?

Did you listen to your parents all the time"?

I start to tell them how it was

In my young days . . .way back then!

But when I'm halfway through my tale

I can't remember how it ends!

I've got this calendar on the wall,

Where I now write things I should do.

But I forget to look at it

So I don't do the things I should do.


I maybe should have kept a diary

And wrote down the things I did.

But then, of course, I'd have to remember

"Where is this book I hid?"

So laugh if you will, but your day will come.

When things will fade from your mind.

They may be old memories, or daily chores,

But you will forget from time to time.


I started this poem for a special reason.

But now I forget what it was.

It seems that the older I get

My memory is no where near like it was!!

Rosie 2/17/2000

Rose Mino  ~Used By Permission

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