For Christ Sake Itís Christmas


Let there be not one stranger, to ďAway in the mangerĒ

Let there be not one soul left untold

Let there be not one face, unknown to the face of the One who will gather the fold.



For Christ sake , itís Christmas. So for Christís sake, Let eve--ry one know.

They all have a choice, so lift up your voice Ö make sure they know.

By Christmas eve, pray that ev - ery one sees that weíve opened the eyes that were closed.

For Christís sake itís For Christís sake, itís Christ---mas,

and for Christ sake Ė let ev- ery one know.


~Repeat chorus


If you would like to use any midi on my site for Church purposes, please email me and I will send you the midi.


       ~ Sheryl

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