A beautiful morning I awoke to this morning

The sun is shinning so bright

There is such a quiet and stillness about

That makes everything feel all right.


I sit here and think how wonderful it is

To be able to hear the birds sing,

To feel safe and secure in this wonderful place

And be able to hear a church bell ring.


I look up at the sky and I have no fear

Of danger lurking around.

I think of the war torn countries abroad

And the sound of bombs falling to the ground.


We have free speech here in this country

To which many use without thought

Why must there be so much violence.

Against this, so many soldiers have fought.


I look again to the beautiful sunshine

And to our quiet skies above

I thank God that I sit here in peace

And feel blessed with His everlasting love. 

Rosie Mino 3/23/03

 Feeling Safe Copy Write Of  Rosie Mino. May Not Be Used Without Written Permission!

To Our Police Officers and Service Men and Women At Home And Abroad....  Thank you!

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