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I'm Country And Laid Back
I've never been one
To kick up a fuss,
Sure not a stickler,
When it comes to dust.
I'd rather spend my time,
Outside in lawn chair,
Just soaking up nature,
And clean country air.
Shirking my duty,
Neglecting housework,
I guess you could call it,
My unique quirk.
I'm someone who thinks
That important things,
Are those that are free,
And that Nature brings.
I've tasted white snowflakes,
Drank from rain drops,
Watched the progression,
Of green growing crops.
The sweetness and smell,
Of a new baby calf...
Its' running and bucking,
Can cause me to laugh.
I'm country and laid back,
Don't have many treasures...
Yet I'm rich in my heart,
From these simple pleasures.

Guitar pickin' by: Harry Todd


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