I come to be closer to God

Within these walls of peace,

To listen and hear His words

I feel His love for me will never cease


I come to church to thank God

Of the goodness He has given me

And I feel His presence all around

In the faces around me that I see.


If He should ever whisper in my ear

And ask what I am doing here

I'd tell Him of the need I have

And thank Him for being near.


I'll tell Him "Lord, I'm not perfect

All I need is You close to me.

Within these walls I feel your presence,

Although your face I cannot see".


I come to church to hear my Pastor

With words so powerful and true

To hear the music and the singing

Each moment, Lord, brings me closer to you.

Rosie 7/25/04 

Written by Rose Mino




Midi Played by Grace

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