Christmas Tree


 Each year we bring into our homes

A tree with branches wide.

The branches are to remind us

Of our Lord's arms stretching wide.

candles, pinecones, and red berries

The lights we string around it

Shining like the stars so bright above

Bring to us the warm feeling

Of the single star once shone above

candles, pinecones, and red berries

The white balls are for purity

The red is for the blood He shed for us

All other colors are for the love He has

For each and every one of us.

candles, pinecones, and red berries

The garland that is wrapped around

This beautiful tree of the year

Is for the love that is circled around

From Jesus whom we hold dear.

candles, pinecones, and red berries

A Christmas tree is a tree of life

It brings to us a way of love

A message from our Lord Jesus

Given to you and me from above

Rosie Mino: 12/1/03

(Note from Rosie) In remembrance of my mother on her birthday today. Went to the Lord April 18, 1966


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Accompaniment: Grace Williamson  

For Christ Sake It's Christmas

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