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C h r i s t m a s  T i m e

Christmas is the season
with much rushing around.
Everyone is spending money
for the best bargain to be found.
In stores people smile at strangers 
say "hello" to someone they don't know.
It brings out the good side of people  
that they normally do not show.
The stores are full of Santa's
with waiting lines of tiny tots
while others outside ring bells
saying thanks for money in their pot.
Organizations ask for help 
to make sure all children have a toy.
Hearts open up and money rolls
and everyone gives with joy.
All the shopping and presents to wrap,
cards to send to family and friends,
cooking, baking - caught up in the spirit 
then in one day it all comes to an end.
It's not the tree or the presents
all wrapped with ribbon and bows.
It's the glow that Christmas brings
and the love that others show.
How beautiful if everyone could be
the same as we are at Christmas.
We forget the reason for the season
to celebrate He who gave His life for us.
Copyright 2004 ~ Carol Barton




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