A Lifetime Without A Friend


A lifetime without a friend is like a garden without a single flower! We must plant and cultivate the seed of friendship and allow it to grow wherever our garden of love is planted.   

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One of the highest compliments ever spoken of me contain the words, "This is my friend!" It is impossible to estimate the impact, the meaning, the deep appreciation and love conveyed by these 4 words. It suggests to me the highest form of affection, acceptance, trust, confidence, approval and mutual respect.
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A friend is ready to assist you, comfort you, defend you, encourage you, forgive you, listen to you, to share your joys and sorrows, to sympathize with you, to be happy for you, to congratulate you without jealousy and envy. But most of all to remember only the good and pleasant memories mutually shared...and to make new ones!

This is my thoughts on friendship and what I look for in my "Best Friend!"

To have one such friend in a lifetime is truly a gift....to have more than one, is treasure beyond compare. Value and honor,... guard and hold in the highest esteem such a precious friend.

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This page I dedicate to my best friend, who forever is in my heart!


**The best cure for an empty day or a longing heart is to find someone who needs you; You will then have a friend forever, and forever has no end!
Have A Great Day! *Sm
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       If one falls down, his friend can help 
       him up. But pity the man who falls 
      and has no one to help him up!
    Ecclesiastes 4:10 




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