A friend is someone to rely on,

  To be there in times of need.

When one feels lost and lonely-

  A friend this emptiness feeds.


A friend is one thatís always there

  To share your troubles and joy each day.

A friend is one who walks with you

  And gives help along the way.


To have such a friend you must also be one

  And share their needs and wants too.

To fill the loneliness and emptiness they feel,

  And have them know they can rely on you.


There is such a friend, in a prayerís reach.

  One, if asked, will walk with you.

Just be honest and faithful and accept His love.

  Fill His needs and Heíll fill yours too.

Rosie 8/26/2000

 ©Rosie Mino 11/23/03 

"The Rose" Performed by Grace Williamson

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