Early mornings, outside my window

Birds are singing their own special song

Itís a wonderful world they seem to be saying

Itís a world where I belong.


Thereís a barking dog saying good morning

To his neighboring friends I expect.

Perhaps a squirrel or two go running by

Was that a woodpecker I just heard peck?


The sun comes up and feels so warm

And the dew on the grass sparkles so bright.

The day goes by oh so fast

The sun begins to set and it soon it is night.


I rest my head on my pillow at night

Close my eyes and to God I pray

I thank Him for letting me awake each morning

And please guide me through another day.


I thank Him for my family and the love that we share

And the blessings He sends my way

For my old friends Iíve left and the new ones Iíve met

And make each day a prosperous day.

©Rosie Mino 8/1/05


 All Rights Reserved ©1999-2008 Hidden Treasures Of Colorado