Grace did it!

Grace did it!



 Take a deep breath and breathe in the air

That keeps life going, no matter where.


This air is given by God above

With His arms stretched wide to show us His love


The flowers, the trees, and mountains so high

The birds as they fly under a heavenly blue sky.


The oceans that ripple into a sandy shore

With waves that roll back to bring out some more.


The stars in the sky and the moon at night

Just makes everything feel just right.


The bright rising sun that lights the day

And the warmth it gives to show us the way


Where is God today? Why, He’s standing beside you

He listens and watches and knows what you do.


You say you haven’t seen Him; well just open your eyes.

He’s in everything that’s beautiful from the earth to the skies


You ask “Where is God today?

He’s in your heart as you kneel to pray.” 

©Rosie Mino 1/24/05

All Rights Reserved ©1999-2006 Hidden Treasures Of Colorado