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 Most people work all their lives

They look forward to retirement years

This is the time to smile and be happy

Itís time to set aside all fears.


There is so much to be thankful for

Just open your eyes and see

ThereĎs wind and the air that you breath

The two things you cannot see.


To love one another is what we should do

And understand how others feel

People in this world just come and go

Life goes round like a wheel


So here comes those wonderful golden years

Itís time to enjoy each lasting day

Get along with others, speak well of them

Take care of the words you say


Try to remember that if you have pains

That it doesnít mean you have to be one

If youíve been hurt then forgive and forget

You cannot change whatís already been done.


If anger jumps in and takes over

Stop for a moment and pray

Ask God to take this moment

And give you the right words to say.


Life is what you make it

So spend it laughing, smile at the end of each day

Donít get angry or carry a grudge

Itíll only make your hair turn gray

 By Rose Mino 7/9/06

Note from Rosie: One thing I've noticed living here at a senior citizens park.  That is...The older one gets the more some act like children. They get upset at the smallest little things. It gave me an inspiration to write this poem.




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