I have seen ocean waves roll into the shore

I have seen sand castles along the shore.


I have seen seeds sprout from the ground

I have seen flowers bloom so big and round


I have seen the rain fall from the sky

Making the grass green and grow so high.


I have flown through clouds so fluffy and white.

I have seen stars in the sky at night.


I have seen sunrises peek through the trees

I have seen sunsets, golden, so pleasant to see.


I have seen a stone church resting on a river side

I have seen waterfalls that seem to reach the sky


I have seen fields filled with corn and wheat

I have felt the sand beneath my feet


I have felt sunshine so warm on my skin

That left me with a feeling of peace within.


I have seen my children as they grew

I have felt love from both old and new.


For all this I give thanks each day that I live

And for my Lord who still gives and gives.

 Rosie MINO  3/18/05

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