Katrina hits a mighty blow
and takes down bridges and houses low.
Fierce water and winds no compassion shown.
Everywhere hot and dark, we feel so all alone.
The old, the rich, the sick, and the new,
Everyone piled upon the spew.

Equally dealing her misery
Class doesn't matter, There's nowhere to flee.
Where once was a road only sits a tree.

The water is full of blood, grime, and dead.
Who could have thought, who could have said?
The baser drive of greed and lust...
How long do we wait to get on that bus?

We were happy in our homes a few days ago.
Where we will live now, no one's to know.
We get in cars, we get in the boats.
We get in any kind of box that will float.

"Help us, help us!" is all we hear.
There's much more now than the boogey-man to fear.
"My kids are hungry my dad is so sick."
"Help us please, and make it quick".

Where is the Army?  Where are the troops?
To stop the anarchy, and the men who loot?
The baser drive of greed and lust...
How long must we wait to get on that bus?

Darkness falls again and again.
The stench of death, is it my friend?
I think it's hell we've slipped into.
A scream, a shot, we hear now and then.
Among the babies, their crying a din.

Thousands are missing, where could they be.
Afraid to search, afraid to see.
In the attics, and on the roof.
Hold on a limb, and pray for proof
That God is watching, and that He's not aloof.

Glazed stares and tears replaced the smiles.
Choppers and busses to take us for miles.
Only to find another hell to endure.
Where is my family; if I could only be sure.

~A MountainWings Original by Linda Tate Wilson~

Courage is the path on which your work travels.

Fear is just a pothole that you fill with faith.

Midi title: Clinging to a saving hand

Played by 
Sheryl McMillan




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