I always knew within my heart,
 God sent you from above.
The glorious day you were born,
I felt our Father's love.

As I saw those tiny little hands,
Reach out to touch someone,
My heart was full of happiness,
A new life had begun!

And now our task on earth begins,
To help you as you grow.
We must teach you love and kindness;
 Our Father you must know!

He put you in our loving care,
And put you in my heart.
You will always be my angel,
Together or apart.

There are many wonderful things,
That I will pray for you.
There's special love in my heart and,
I know you love me too.


Midi: I'll still Be Lovin' You

I'll be yours until the sun doesn't shine
Till time stands still, until the winds don't blow.
When today is just a memory to me, I know
I'll still be lovin' you.

This page is dedicated to my youngest Grandson Lucas.

Grandma Sheryl


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