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Defining Friends

Some folks in a small-group Bible study discussed the characteristics

of good friendships, and each person contributed an idea.

They came up with the following statements.

A friend is someone who sees me at my worst but never forgets my best.

A friend is someone who thinks I'm a little bit more

wonderful than I really am.


A friend is someone I can talk with for hours or be with

in complete silence.


A friend is a person who is as happy for my successes as I am.


A friend trusts me enough to say what he really means

when talking to me.


A friend doesn't try to know more, act smarter, or be my

constant teacher. A friend is a friend.


A friend is a person who listens to me even when she isn't

particularly interested in what I'm saying.

She listens because she sees it's important to me.



Your companions are like the buttons on an elevator.

They will either take you up, or they will take you down.





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