All Hearts Come Home

Christmas Day is almost here,
I can feel it in the air.
The days seem different somehow,
I can feel it everywhere.

Thoughts of Christmas in the past,
And family members now long gone.
Children now grown up,
No snow prints on the lawn.

How I long to see their faces,
Hear them laugh with glee.
Fun times watching snow fall and,
Spending Christmas day with me.

I feel a warmth within my heart,
As Christmas Day comes near.
The most special day in all the year,
Our Saviour's birthday will be here!

I'll be waiting with sweet memories,
With a prayer within my heart.
Christmas morn will still be special,
Even though we're apart.

I know I'll be with those I love,
No matter where they roam.
I'll feel their love and presence as,
At Christmas all hearts come home.

December 2005

Merry Christmas!



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