A Special Friend

A special friend I met the day
You sent me a message just to say
You wanted to chat and so did I
And since that day we have found a way

Never thought we would be so close
But the things we share means the most
We share our hopes our wants and dreams
And it's so important to us it seems

We talk of meeting one day soon
And share these dreams under the moon
Just to be near you and say
You are the special friend I met on the way

Whether this becomes reality
We will just have to wait and see
But one thing is real that I do know
And that is how I do care so

Your always there and lend an ear
To tell you things maybe you don't care to hear
But friends like you are just that way
To never let one down when we have something to say

Our friendship will always be
We share things in a very special way
Just want to thank you for being my friend
And what a pleasure you have been...

I know there are many more to meet
But when I met things were right you see
I so hope you feel the same
And often think of my name

The months have come and they have gone
Our friendship is still growing with each dawn
This is the greatest thing one could ask
For a friend like you that will always last





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